Things To Do When You Plan Your Daughter's Wedding

How vividly you remember the day you held your little princess in hand yours for the first time. Time flies and soon it's her big day. This is the one day all parents wait for.
Their biggest responsibility. You want everything right, from meeting the best astrologer in India to wishing the best for your daughter and her partner. You want only the very best. This could be huge for both — parents and the daughter.
Planning is of utmost importance for the big day. Get your to-do list ready. But, before your daughter ties the knot, think about what are some things you can do emotionally, financially, and legally to prepare yourself for her big day?
Here are a few things to get you started.
1.Keep Your Finances Ready
Traditionally it is the bride's side who takes care of all marriage expenses. In that case, a wedding can be a big expense. So you make sure you are well prepared for it. In this modern society, couples either take care of their wedding expenses or get it divided between the families.
Whatever be the case, make sure you have set aside finances for your daughter. Prioritize your finances – wedding accessories, dresses, hall, food, invitation and gift to start with.
Whether your daughter is five or fifteen, start saving for her wedding amount. Though it may look too early, there will be a time you will feel happy about this.
Open up a separate bank account for this process and start saving every month. By doing this, you don't feel rushed. In case your daughter is already engaged, don't panic about not saving! Evaluate your savings and create your wedding budget.
2. Spend Maximum Time With Her
Soon your daughter will take on a new home and life. She will be anxious too. Spend time with her and explain things that may be useful for her in the new role. Parents and especially the mother is the best guide for every daughter.
Make her as comfortable as possible. You can pull out her old photos and enjoy seeing them together. Tell her the memories of the photo. In this way, your daughter can cherish her best moments before she gets into the next phase. If you have sufficient funds, plan for a family vacation. You can also set aside a day in a week for dinner until she gets married.
3. Befriend Her In-Laws When two people unite in a marriage, it is two families getting united. If your daughter's marriage is fixed or if her engagement is over, you must spend more time with the groom's family, getting to know your daughter's future in-laws. Establish a good relationship with their families and build a strong bond.
Invite them over dinner or take them to see the reception and wedding venues. Don't be afraid to spend time with her in-laws alone without your daughter or her fiancee. For, they too will be a part of your family!
4. Make It All About Her As a parent, you could have always envisioned the day your daughter gets married. There may be instances when your vision may not be her priorities.
Though it can be hard to set aside your visions that you have been developing in favor of your daughter, try to create more focus on what she likes and put her and her wishes on priority. Be available around the corner to help her. You've had your moment, this is hers. Just roll with it.
5. Celebrate The One Month Countdown
This is another important day to get closer to the big day marked by you with the help of the best astrologer in India. Help her mark the occasion by doing her favorite things, giving her special flowers, or going out together.
It is again a reminder to show how special this entire process has been. So set aside the busy schedule, take a break, and enjoy it. Look for every opportunity to be a listening ear and be there for your child — for every moment matters!
Marriage is total fun. Now your daughter isn't so little anymore. Accept that she's getting married! Most of the parents tend to live out their wedding wishes on their children's marriage. Don't do that. Try to enjoy the entire phase.
Though the wedding albums capture the most beautiful pictures, your most personal wedding memories will not be found on those pages.
It is a special day for everyone in the family, give it your best shot to make it special. But remember, you may not be able to get everything the way it is expected.
Remember “to err is human”. Just accept it and move ahead with your day creating the most special memories lasting a lifetime.

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